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Little Parlour Chamber

This room is displayed as a bedchamber. Original timber studding can be seen. Tree-ring dating indicates some timbers date largely from 1586. The bed is known as the Westmoreland bed, from where it originated, this is a fine example and dates from around 1525.

The initials HF still survive on the headboard, together with three curious J's on the footrail. The low bed on wheels underneath is known as a truckle bed and could be wheeled out at night for servants or children. On loan from V & A Museum.

Things to look out for in the Little Parlour Chamber

  • Bedcover and Hangings: Both produced by the Oakwell Broiderers. Design by Barry Lockwood and based on Jacobean Tree of Life, using animal and floral motifs typical of the period. Worked in crewelwork - an early form of embroidery. 
  • Tapestries: Hung on walls for decoration and warmth. Both reproductions but based on original designs.
  • Chest: Probably one of the oldest chests at Oakwell dating from the mid 16th century. The front and sides are decorated with linen-fold panels similar to those on the bed in the Painted Chamber. On loan from V & A Museum.

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