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New Parlour Chamber

Displayed as a second-best chamber. May have been occupied by the nursemaid and could have been used as a guestroom. The rooms retain some early features.

There is an oak and marquetry tester bed with lavish carving on the headboard, tester and posts. Each post is supported by massive square plinths featuring the lozenge-shaped carving typical of Yorkshire craftsmanship. Thought to date from the early 17th century and was the original property of the Fairfax family from Gilling Castle in North Yorkshire. Notice the rams head, the horned devil and the serpent decoration on the headboard.

Things to look out for in the New Parlour Chamber

  • Cradle: This oak cradle is reputed to have come from Howley Hall and dates from 1650. Carving may be a late addition.
  • Candle-stand: Dates from the late 17th/18th century.
  • Dummy board: Flat wooden figures painted and shaped in silhouette. Life-size, they date from the 17th century and were used as decorations, fire-screens or even in practical jokes.
  • Table: Oak gate-leg table dating from 1650 - 1700.
  • Settle: Oak two-setter settle, probably dating from 18th century.

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